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21st: Celebrates birthday along with Rich Blandino's birthday at 6's & 8's, New York City, USA.Edit


28th: Attends Vonage launch of their new V Phone, at Aer Lounge, New York City, USA.Edit


3rd: Summer BBQ for Eric & Kimberly Villency at Cain Estate, New York City, USA.Edit

18th: Le tigre Showroom, New York City, USA.Edit

19th: World's Largest Pajama Party hosted by Victoria's Secret PINK, New York City, USA.Edit


11th: Attends Audi R8 Sports Car Opening event.Edit

31st: Alessandra Ambrosio's Halloween Party.Edit


14th: Victoria's Secret Angels leaving New York, on their way to LA, USA.Edit

14th: Victoria's Secret Angels aboard theirplane, on their way to LA, USA.Edit

14th: Victoria's Secret Angels arrives to LA, USA.Edit

15th: Victoria's Secret angels receive key to Los Angeles.Edit


21st: Victoria's Secret Crew party in St.Barths, Saint Barthelemy.Edit

Unknown MonthEdit

Unknown Day: at PINK event.Edit

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